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"Make the little girl you used to be, proud of the woman you are now."

And so it began

There are six of us here now and, as much as I enjoyed working alone, I absolutely love having a team around me. Being creative together and bouncing new product ideas and marketing strategies off one another is extremely fun and inspiring. If I could wish for anything, it would be for everything to keep going as beautifully as it is.

Meet the Team


Lucia Schleiwies


I develop and design all of our products, create social media content, maintain close contact with all of you, and I'm always on the look-out for new trends.


Johannes Schleiwies

General Manager

I handle all operations at GirlGotLashes and support Lucia with strategic planning.


Julia Meskó

Marketing Manager

I manage influencer marketing and content, and I'm always coming up with fresh and exciting ways to market our brand.


Christina Mc Kenzie

Social Media Manager

It's me on the other end of your Instagram DMs. I'm always happy to take the time to advise you and answer any questions you have.


Isabella Lucchetta

Customer Support

I'm your point of contact when it comes to any questions about our products, our ordering process or the best application. I'm always happy to advise.


Emmely Schalow

Content Creator

I share tutorials and tips & tricks on social media to give you inspiration for lash looks you can recreate at home.