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From natural to dramatic - you decide!

Here's an overview of our styles. Still can't decide? We'd be more than happy to personally advise you at
Act like a lady, lash like a boss

BOSS BABE is our longest and most dramatic style in 15-16mm length and full, plump volume. Are you a real BOSS BABE? Want lashes that match your energy? Then, this is the perfect look! Full of volume and length, this style will accentuate your eyes and make a bold statement.

Dear darling, you're lovely!
DEAR DARLING MEDIUM is the medium style in our Dear Darling line. No, not C-curl, not D-curl... DD-curl! DEAR DARLING will give you extra curly and extra seductive eyelashes! It's the first style in our range with a black lash band. With a length of 10-13mm, this style will work to contour your eyes, creating much more impact.

Be your best self

EYE CANDY is a cat-eye style that will leave you with ultra voluminous lashes. Their density is comparable to that of BOSS BABE, but in a much shorter length of 8-13mm. With their multi-layer effect, EYE CANDY lashes fan outwards and upwards, giving your eyes extreme yet natural-looking volume.

Life happens, lashes help

FLUTTER FLING is packed with both volume and length: beautifully fluffy and especially soft extensions with a length of 14-15mm - and a ton of volume. These dramatic lashes will stand out and serve you well as an easy everyday look (we call them LASH LOVER'S big sister!). Their voluminous effect is comparable to visiting a specialist volume technician, and yet FLUTTER FLING extensions are still so wonderfully light and comfortable to wear.

Peace, love, and lashes

LASH LOVER are plump, long and wispy in 14-15mm length. With a totally natural volume, they run gently towards the inner corner of the eye, blending seamlessly with your own lashes. They also have incredible lengthening powers! The perfect everyday look if you want to emphasize your eyes without reaching for that eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Lashes are a girl's best friend
FLIRT FILTER are lashes in length 13-15mm that'll give you an elongated and fuller eye shape. They'll create a romantic and seductive cat-eye look which is suitable for everyday use. 
Lash for the stars
STAR GAZER will bring a unique radiance to your eyes with its star-shaped arrangement in alternating long and short lashes. Edgy, cool and eye-catching, STAR GAZER is a real beauty statement. In 12-14mm length, this style is trendy and chic without being too OTT.
Perfect lashes = easy morning
R.I.P. MASCARA is our shortest and most discreet style in 8-12 mm length. Basically, they'll create a better, enhanced version of your own lashes, with some added va-va-voom! This style is comparable to the individual lash extensions that you'd get at a studio.