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GirlGotLashes Dear Darling (short) - Mini Box
GirlGotLashes Dear Darling - Mini Boxen Bundle

Dear Darling (Short) - Mini Box

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The Do-It-Yourself lash extensions.


No, not C-curl, not D-curl... DD-curl! DEAR DARLING gives you those curly, cute, and utterly seductive lashes. With a length of 8-12mm, this is the first style in our range to feature a black lash band, creating even more expression and contour for your eyes.

DEAR DARLING Short is the shortest style in the DEAR DARLING line.

Considering permanent lash extensions? Explore the beauty of GirlGotLashes extensions, crafted to suit your preferences and lasting up to a week. What's more, you can easily apply them from the comfort of your home, minimizing cost, time, and harm to your natural lashes! 

  • Each pair lasts 5-7 days
  • Just like professional eyelash extensions
  • Gently and naturally remove with our LET IT GO Remover

    Our extra-flat and ultra-light lash extensions are specially designed for application under the lash line for an effortless equivalent to professional lash extensions.

    Handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free.

    The eyelash glue and the application tools are not included in the set. Contains a pair of eyelashes.