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Flirt Filter - Mini Box
Flirt Filter - Mini Box
GirlGotLashes Künstliche Wimpern Flirt Filter
GirlGotLashes Flirt Filter - Mini Box

Flirt Filter - Mini Box

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The Do-It-Yourself lash extensions.

Considering permanent lash extensions? Explore the beauty of GirlGotLashes extensions, crafted to suit your preferences and lasting up to a week. What's more, you can easily apply them from the comfort of your home, minimizing cost, time, and harm to your natural lashes!

  • Each pair lasts 5-7 days
  • Just like professional eyelash extensions
  • Gently and naturally remove with our LET IT GO Remover

FLIRT FILTER oozes both romance and seduction! A cat-eye look with a length of 13-15mm and a C-curl.

Our extra-flat and ultra-light lash extensions are specially designed for application under your lash line for an effortless equivalent to professional lash extensions.

Handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free.

The eyelash glue and the application tools are not included in the set. Contains a pair of eyelashes.