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GirlGotLashes MAP IT EASY - Lash Pad
GirlGotLashes MAP IT EASY - Lash Pad

Map It Easy - Lash Pad

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Introducing the reusable MAP IT EASY Lash Pad from GirlGotLashes - an essential for every GGL enthusiast! Finally, a dedicated space to organize and arrange our gorgeous lashes without the hassle of tangles or slipping!

Simply place your lash extensions in your desired order on the MAP IT EASY Lash Pad. It's a fantastic way to create your own lash map, experimenting with different styles and lash bands until you find your own, unique look. 

Item specifics:

  • Sticky, transparent silicone pad
  • Reusable
  • Remove the protective film from one side (or both if you want to attach it to something; a mirror, for example).
  • Store your lash pad with the protective film back on to ensure longevity
  • Clean with cold water and let it dry thoroughly before reusing