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10 Expert Tips for Perfect Lash Extensions

🌟 Elevate your lash game with these 10 expert tips! 🌟

Tip 1 ~ Start with clean, oil-free natural lashes

Use micellar water after removing makeup to ensure a solid grip for your GGL lash extensions. Remember, extensions adhere best to "naked" lashes.

Tip 2 ~ Use an eyelash curler

Achieve the perfect curl with our GOOD CURL DAY Lash Curler, specially designed to reach even the shortest of lashes at the inner and outer corners. This step not only provides easy access for extension application but also creates a stunning upward curl for a dazzling look! (P.S. You won't want to miss this step if you have straight lashes or lashes that point downwards).

Tip 3 ~ Customize your lash extensions to fit your unique eye shape

Experiment with trimming by either omitting or shortening segments, like the middle or outermost lashes. It's all about finding your preferred style!

Tip 4 ~ Apply lash glue carefully

Apply our BOND GIRL Lash Glue sparingly to the lower part of your natural lashes, avoiding the tips. This prevents clumping and ensures a seamless application. For extra hold, apply a small amount directly onto the lash strip. Steady though, a little BOND GIRL power goes a long way!

Tip 5 ~ Keep your tweezers clean and free of glue residue

Use our specially-crafted tweezers for effortless lash application. Wipe off any glue residue promptly to prevent the next extension from sticking to the tweezers instead of successfully attaching to your natural lashes. A damp cloth or an oil-free makeup remover wipe will do the trick!

Tip 6 ~ Start applying your lash extensions from the inside and work your way outward

This technique is especially helpful if you have smaller eyes, delicate inner corner hairs, or tend to experience eye-watering. Leave a short distance at the inner corner and do a quick blink-test after attaching the innermost extension to ensure comfort. Our extensions fan out for a natural look, extending beyond the lash strip.

Tip 7 ~ Connect your extensions with your natural lashes

After applying your lash extensions, wait a moment before pressing them together with tweezers or the applicator tool. This crucial step ensures a secure attachment. Pro tip: Apply our SEAL THE DEAL Top Coat to your tweezers for smoother pressing!

Tip 8 ~ Seal your lashes for extra hold

Seal your lash extensions with our SEAL THE DEAL Top Coat. Run the applicator along the underside of the lashes, avoiding the tips. 

Don't skip this step! It'll eliminate any stickiness, enhance glue adhesion, and prevent lint from getting caught in your lashes.

Tip 9 ~ Keep your lash extensions fresh

After a few days of wearing your lash extensions, you may wish to freshen them up a bit! Easy. Lightly dampen a spoolie or a clean mascara brush with cold water and gently brush through your lashes. This is also a good tip for removing any eyeshadow or powder residue from your lashes.

Tip 10 ~ Fix any loose lash extensions

Uh-oh! Your lashes are looking amazing, but there's just one segment thats' decided to go its own way. No biggie - after all, you're the master of your own lash destiny, right? ✨

Gently and slowly peel off the rebellious extension (if it's already loose, it should come off smoothly). After that, get rid of any glue residue from the extension, reapply lash glue as usual, let it dry a bit, reattach it, and give it a final press with your tweezers. #LashRescue