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Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Wondering if your natural lashes are taking a toll with each visit to the lash studio? It sure can be frustrating to invest in lash treatments every 2-3 weeks, only to experience shorter and thinner natural lashes. 

Now, if you're all about the au naturel look, simple extensions and thickening methods typically cause minimal harm, as, in this case, only one artificial lash is attached to a natural lash.

However, if you prefer a bolder look with extra drama and volume, attaching up to eight artificial lashes to a single natural lash can lead to significant damage over time due to the additional weight that your roots must bear.

Enter GirlGotLashes extensions - our innovative approach ensures an even distribution of weight across your entire lash line, preventing excessive strain on any single lash. On top of that, our DIY lash extensions are crafted from an exceptionally fine and ultra-thin synthetic fiber, meaning they're hard to detect and kind to your natural lashes.

Now, let's talk lash glue - studio glue is a bit like superglue, fast and aggressive, and can trigger allergies in many clients. Enter GGL glue! No harmful fumes, suitable for home use, and get this - you can even apply it with your eyes wide open. Yep, that's how gentle our glue is. Although it takes a bit longer to dry compared to studio glue, it's intentional. Our lash glue never fully cures because GGL extensions aren't bonded to a single lash like professional extensions; instead, they are evenly distributed across several of your own lashes. This calls for a flexible glue like ours!

We prioritize the health of your natural lashes. That's why we recommend applying a fresh set of lash extensions after a week. Take a night off or a couple of days to let your lashes breathe freely. The best part? You get to rub your eyes freely for a while! A luxury not experienced with professional extensions, where old extensions are removed, and fresh ones applied, all in the same sitting, meaning your natural lashes miss out on some beneficial R&R time between looks.

Finally, give your natural lashes as much TLC as possible! Apply an eyelash serum every evening on your extension-free days. Go big with a top-of-the-range serum, or keep it simple with some coconut oil love.

With GirlGotLashes extensions, you can switch between stunning lash looks whenever you fancy, all while keeping your natural lashes happy and healthy. 🌟💕 #GirlGotLashesMagic