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How Do I Care for My Lashes?

Caring for your GirlGotLashes extensions during wear is a breeze! Unlike extensions from a typical lash studio, ours don't require any special shampoo. You can skip this step since our lashes are crafted for a week's use at a time. After seven days, for hygiene reasons, we recommend opting for a fresh set of GGL extensions instead of cleaning and reusing the current ones. Opting for a new set ensures a consistently fresh, fluffy and fabulous result! 

Here are some tips to keep your lashes looking fantastic throughout the entire week: 

Tip 1 ~ Avoid warm water exposure

Try to shield your extensions from warm water. During showers or hair washing, tilt your head back to prevent warm water from getting into your eyes. If it does, no worries! Let your extensions air-dry (avoid patting them dry) to maintain the adhesive.

Tip 2 ~ Gently wash your face

Maneuver around the lash area during daily face washing. Close your eyes, cleanse the lower face, then the upper, and delicately clean around the eyes.

Tip 3 ~ Gently remove eye makeup

Fan of eye shadow, eyeliner, or kohl? No problem! You can still use your statement makeup pieces while wearing lash extensions. When it's time to remove eye makeup, use a gentle baby wipe or makeup remover around the eyes before cleansing your face as usual. 

Tip 4 ~ Keep eyeshadow/powder away from your lashes

Aim to keep eyeshadow/powder away from your lashes, but if it does happen (these things do), grab a spoolie or a clean mascara brush. Dampen it slightly with cold water, then gently brush through your lashes for a fresh look.

As you can see, GirlGotLashes extensions require hardly any care during wear, and they're not time-consuming at all.

When it's time to remove them, apply our LET IT GO Remover liquid on and around your extensions, let it sit briefly (20-30 seconds will do the trick), and gently brush or slide the extensions off. After removal, you can easily comb out any residue glue from your natural lashes using a fine micro-brush.

This process removes the extensions without pulling out your natural lashes. If you happen to notice a natural lash among the removed extensions, there's no need to worry! It's normal to shed between 4-8 lashes every day, and when you're wearing extensions, these shed lashes have nowhere else to properly fall!

Pro Tip: Coconut oil works wonders for lashes, so we recommend giving your natural lashes a little TLC between applications. Simply take your spoolie and apply a small amount of coco-goodness overnight. 🥥✨