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GirlGotLashes All Stars - Mini Boxen Bundle
GirlGotLashes All Stars - Mini Boxen Bundle

All Stars - Mini Box Bundle

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Can't decide which style to choose?

Experiment your way through all seven styles with our convenient Mini Box Bundle! It's the perfect introduction to our lashes without immediately committing to a full-sized box. Pay for just 5 and receive 7!

  • Each pair lasts 5-7 days
  • Just like professional eyelash extensions
  • Gently and naturally remove with our LET IT GO Remover

R.I.P. MASCARA is our shortest and most subtle style with a length of 8-12mm. It gives you a slightly enhanced version of your own lashes, similar to individual lash extensions done at a studio.

FLIRT FILTER oozes both romance and seduction! A cat-eye look with a length of 13-15mm.

LASH LOVER features full, long, wispy lashes measuring 14-15mm with natural volume. They gently run towards the inner corner of the eye, seamlessly blending with your real lashes to provide significant length. An everyday look for when you want to ditch eyeliner and eyeshadow.

FLUTTER FLING delivers both volume and length with particularly soft and fluffy extensions measuring 14-15mm. These dramatic lashes stand out and serve as an excellent everyday look (we call them LASH LOVER's big sis!). The end result is comparable to a trip to a volume technician, offering all that volume while still being light and comfortable to wear.

BOSS BABE, our longest and most dramatic style yet, boasts a length of 15-16mm with full, plump volume. If you're a real BOSS BABE and want lashes that match your energy, this is the perfect look! Offering plenty of volume and length, this style accentuates your eyes to make a bold statement.

STAR GAZER adds a touch of radiance to your eyes with its star-shaped arrangement of alternating long and short lashes. Edgy, cool, and eye-catching, STAR GAZER is a real beauty statement in a trendy and chic length of 12-14mm.

EYE CANDY is the answer if you're after a shorter version of BOSS BABE. This is a cat-eye look with incredible volume. While its density is comparable to BOSS BABE, it comes in a much shorter length of 8-13mm. With a multi-layer effect, EYE CANDY lashes fan outwards and upwards, offering extreme yet natural-looking volume.

Our extra-flat and ultra-light lash extensions are specially designed for application under the lash line for an effortless equivalent to professional lash extensions.

Handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free.

The eyelash glue and application tools are not included. Each box contains a pair of eyelashes.